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Homido Virtual Reality Headset Unboxing


There is no shortabge around Virtual Reality and it is to be the next big thing even if you are not interested. VR Headsets are popping up all over the web for various different prices, however many of which are essentially upgraded versions of Google Cardboard. Most will avail of the limited amount of video and app content in Google and Apple's apps stores and given the prices of these units and the quality of the apps currently available we are delving in to check out one of the higher end variants to see if there is value for money.

The Homido Virtual Reality 3D Headset is a £47.99 option that is available from Mobilefun that looks to take Google Cardboard to another level of perfromance. Featuring:

Experience the virtual world through your smartphone
Universally compatible
Huge range of VR apps already available
Lightweight and comfortable
Adjustable display
Protective case included
Compatible with 4 - 5.7" smartphones with iOS or Android