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Arrowverse - Heroes (we could be) [Tribute]


"BEST... TEAM-UP... EVER!!!"
After Three long Months of me working on the Arrowverse Tribute video, I have finally finished it! Lucifer, IZombie and Black Lightning is also in the Tribute for reasons I'll explain in a Theory video one day, also because they're DC... I'll make the Theory video whenever I feel like making the video! For now, I hope you guys enjoy this Tributes and like always: "Until We See Each Other Again!"

Yes, that's Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman at the start btw, in case you Guys didn't know she appeared in a Supergirl Promo. Makes me wonder if DCEU and the Arrowverse is connected or not, and I've heard rumors that Grant Gustin (CW Flash) is to have a Cameo appearance in Justice League, I don't know if it's true or not but let's hope he's the Barry Allen we all know travelling across dimensions in the Movie!

Song Used: Alesso - Heroes (we could be) ft. Tove Lo (Rock Version by Self Deception)

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