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3 Days Solo Survival - No Food, No Shelter, No Water


This was a trip filmed for a mini documentary series that's separate from this channel. I decided to edit it down to the main parts of the trip to share with my subscribers.

I spent 3 days on a solo survival trip with no food, shelter, or water. I built a natural shelter on the first day and started my fire. I brought a single pot to boil creek water to make it safe for drinking.
On the second day I began my quest for food. I set snares and was able to trap two ground squirrels that I cooked over my fire and ate. Later in the second day I built a small stool to sit on using my saw, hatchet, and knife.
On the third day I boiled the remains from my squirrel dinner to create a tasty broth that I drank for breakfast.

On this trip I filmed nearly 20 hours of footage, and by the evening of the second day I was running out of battery life on my camera and memory storage as well. There was a lot of less interesting content I filmed, such as the identification of wild edible plants and the explanations of what I was doing and why.

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