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Better Memory Platinum Hypnosis Download Audio MP3 by Dr. Steve G. Jones


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Information about hypnotic memory improvement for enhanced scholastic achievement:

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Here is a sample of the script used in this memory hypnosis download audio mp3 by Dr. Steve G. Jones:

As you drift along deeper and deeper, relaxed, concentrating. Your mind relaxes more and more. You are concentrating on my voice. You are receptive to my suggestions about your memory and your ability to recall. The art of memory is the art of attention and retention. You must pay attention to anything in order to remember it. People who do not pay attention, do not remember. To remember something, you must pay attention. For instance, you think of the name, you look at the person, you associate them, you want ot know the persons name, you really want to remember. This is the process that you use to remember anything. You concentrate your mind. You think. You look. You listen. You associate. You remember and you do all of this easily and effortlessly. In being able to recall something, you have to have stored the information properly. You have to put the facts in your memory bank before you can recall them. You have an excellent memory. You are going to use it. You are going to pay attention. You must pay attention, close attention, that way you store the facts properly in your memory bank and they are ready for you when you want or need them.

“Better Memory Platinum Hypnosis” by Dr. Steve G. Jones is a FREE hypnosis video download designed to improve your memory and ability to recall. Through positive suggestion and mental training, you become more receptive to suggestions and have a stronger recall of past events, experiences, and information. This hypnosis video download helps your mind pay better attention to the connection between information, help you connect your memories with stimuli such as your environment, an object, or a person.

As you continue listening to “Better Memory Platinum Hypnosis,” your mind will be better-equipped to store information properly—the foundation to having a strong memory bank. With increased attention and retention comes excellent memory you can use at any time. With time and consistent listening sessions, you will find that a great memory is not something you are necessarily born with—it can be a skill you can hone no matter your age.


This audio does not diagnose or cure disease. It is an audio/video that is intended to be used as a complementary healing art. Use as instructed and if you require medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, see a doctor.