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Hector Lavoe - Medley (Mi Gente, A Las Seis Live)


Hector Lavoe "Live" was recorded at the La Clave Club in Hialeah, Florida, February 19th 1988. On that night, Club La Clave was packed wall to wall with Lavoé fans hoping to see El Cantante de los Cantantes. It was a time when Héctor was known to arrive either very late or not at all. There was a great deal of speculation among the large crowd, and the fans went wild as word spread that Lavoé had indeed arrived. Hector went about in his usual style - joking around with everyone he encountered. Most surprising of all he actually arrived quite early. As you listen to this album, try to imagine yourself among the lucky ones who attended Club La Clave on the night of February 19, 1988.

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