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I Found Out My Dad Has Another Daughter. She Stole All Our Money!





Hey, guys! My name is Megan. I am 13 years old. My father always used to say: 'A friend in need is a friend indeed.' Little did he know, what his friend would do to him one day. Let me tell you how it all happened.

Our family is totally ordinary – and it's just my mom, my dad, and me. My father runs his own business, which is really successful. He worked with his partner Daniel, who was one of his best friends as well. Daniel was almost a part of the family, and he always participated in all of our family events and holidays. He had my dad's full confidence. But last Christmas Eve changed our lives completely.

We were having a big party with all of our relatives and friends and it was so much fun! My father has always been the life of the party, but that day he was a bit moody. After everybody left, I saw that my father and Daniel went out to the balcony together. I was cleaning the table and accidentally eavesdropped on their conversation. I didn't get much, but I heard my dad say: "Today is the same day I left HER." And I guess Daniel was fully aware of who 'HER' was, because he said: "Maybe it's time to finally call her and learn the truth." to which dad replied: "No way."

I was just rattled! Did my dad have a woman on the side? If not, why did he lie to me and say it was a business call? I had to uncover the truth. The next morning I bumped into Daniel at our doorway. He had come to pick my father and drive him to their office. I grabbed his hand, dragged him into my room, and demanded explanations and it didn't take Daniel long to tell me the whole story.

He told me that my father had been married to another woman many years ago. But their relationship was not really good. Once they had such a big fight, that my father left and never ever came back, despite the fact that his wife was pregnant. And, he never found out if she had the baby or not, and this question has tormented him for years.

I just listened to all of that with my mouth wide open, I held my breath and finally asked if there actually was a baby. Daniel paused for a few seconds and then said: 'Yes, there was.' It turned out that he also knew my father's ex-wife and called her that very evening after the talk on the balcony. My father had a daughter. Her name was Sylvia and she had already turned nineteen years old.

You might be surprised, but I was so excited to hear that part of the story. I could only imagine how happy my father would be. And as for me, having a big sister has always been my dream! Now we just had to tell my dad the news. And besides, Sylvia was looking forward to meeting her father. I thought he was about to faint when he heard everything. I think he had mixed feelings, but I persuaded him that everything was going to be just perfect! That very day, we made a phone call. I picked up the phone and heard the sweetest voice ever say: 'Hello, sister! How are you?'

In a few days Sylvia came to our house for dinner. She was very beautiful and looked so much like my father. She was so friendly and adorable and easily got along with him. We became friends immediately. We just couldn't stop talking. Sylvia was the best sister I could've ever dreamed of. She would come to see us every weekend and we made a great family, all together. Once my dad asked her what her mother thought about all this. Sylvia said that her mom was a difficult person. She was okay with the situation, but she said she wanted to neither to talk to, nor to see my Dad ever. And to tell you the truth, dad wasn't really disappointed at all."
"It's been a while. And Silvia had become an inalienable part of our family. One day we all made our minds up to go to the park for a family picnic. My dad and my sister wanted to pick me up from school, and my mom was supposed to arrive later because she was very busy at work. I was waiting and waiting, but nobody came to get me. I called both my dad and Sylvia, but there was no answer. I got really worried and called my mom. She couldn't reach them either, so she came to school to get me and we rushed home to find out what had happened. I also called Daniel, but for some reason, he didn't answer me either.

When we got home we saw that my father's car was there, which meant he was still at home. I quickly opened the door to see my father lying on the floor. I fled to him and mom called an ambulance. But he woke up before it arrived. He said that he was just drinking tea with Sylvia and Daniel, when suddenly he felt bad, and then he couldn't remember anything. But they were both not in the house, Sylvia was gone! No matter how we tried to reach her or Daniel, they never answered. What happened? Why did they leave?

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