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FIR - Episode 884 - 23rd February 2013


Billu is eagerly waiting for his Friend but a major trouble takes place as he observes a Boyfriend pushing his Girlfriend from the cliff. Billu is petrified with the incident. Just when Billu was about to reveal the name of the guy to Chautala, he suffers from a sever memory loss. Sir Choti advice's the guy to hide. Sidha and his Wife Anita Sharma file a missing complaint of their Cousin who went missing. Gopi, Gulgule and Chief Inspector Bajrang try their best cure Billu. Will Chautala and Bajrang's plan prove to be of a great help to the case? Will Billu recollect his lost memory?

F.I.R presents to you a female inspector and her funny sub-inspector trying to solve cases. Their sincere attempts to crack the mysteries are hilarious and worth a hearty laugh. The sitcom is set in a Police Station where constables indulge in amazing antics. A space you must visit to experience an amusing and entertaining comedy.