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Future - Homicide (Live) ft. Snoop Dogg


Future's official music video for 'Homicide' ft. Snoop Dogg. Click to listen to Future on Spotify:

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You say you wanna take a ride? Get in
I grew up on that other side, getting it in
You niggas selling a bunch of pies, snatch a Benz
I heard you say it's going down, I'm going in
Go tell 'em it's a homicide (murder)
Go tell 'em it's a homicide (murder, murder)
Go tell 'em it's a homicide (murder, murder)
Go tell 'em it's a homicide, ya ya

Fighting, shooting, killing, riding
Cripping, tripping, spitting fire
In the kitchen, baking pies
Taking mines, making mines
Yellow tape, black gun
Fill it with them hollow shells
And leave the scene bloody
Buddy can't nobody tell
Catch a plane to the ATL
Lay low in a cheap motel
Whatever suits ya
And get a few thangs from my cousin Future
Now I'm back on and popping like
Trapping, rapping in the cut
Talk shit, I fuck you up
They don't recognize who I am or where I'm from
So I hit the strip club banging 20 Crip cause
Treble with the bass, put that thang up in yo shavening
And leave yo body bleeding on the pavement