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Asphalt 8 - TOP 5 Multiplayer cars for BEGINNERS and their BEST TUNINGS! [REVISED/UPDATED]


Ah. The TOP5 that's my most hated video, and also the most watched. It actually was never popular until months after the release when the views jumped. Don't know what happened.

Anyway, it took me a long time to make this video so I hope you enjoy and find it informative for those just starting the game! Welcome to the Best Racing Game out there!!!

Want some driving tips?

Want to know how Multiplayer matching works?

Camaro GS multiplayer:

Mini Cooper Multiplayer:

Dezir Multiplayer:

Range Rover Multiplayer:

Porsche 959 Multiplayer:

1. Our Waking Hour - Break Me Down
2. Eventide - Rain Check
3. J-Wright - Involved
4. Stesso - Addicted (ft. Johnning)
5. ASVR - Air
6. Miza & Dr. Drake - Back To the Future (Original Mix)