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BDO - 30 Million Silver Per hour at GKS(Gatekeepers) Guide


My Message to the GK Discord: All you "HARDCORE PVPERS" that want PVP, if that's true, then don't cry that this is going public. This community deserves it. Monopolizing content and hiding content isn't healthy for the game. I will also be making OTHER "HIDDEN" methods of info more public too in terms of money.

0:00-2:48 Introduction
2:49-12:23 GK Guide


Here are the desired links:

Make a COPY of this spreadsheet on google drive and make a private link for your peers.

Commands: CTRL+SHIFT+; = Time Stamp.

My community Discord if you have ANY questions about GKS.

PublicEnemy Recruiting LVL 60+ 500+GS if you want to join us. Heavy PVP guild.

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