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Lakeside - Fantastic Voyage (Bounce FM)


Bounce FM

DJ: The Funktipus
Genre: Funk, R&B
Tracklist: Zapp - "I Can Make You Dance" Kool & the Gang - "Hollywood Swinging" Ohio Players - "Love Rollercoaster"[3] Rick James - "Cold Blooded" Maze - "Twilight" Fatback Band - "Yum Yum (Gimme Some)"[3] The Isley Brothers - "Between the Sheets"[3] (Radio Edit: Ends at 3:35) Ronnie Hudson & The Street People - "West Coast Poplock" Lakeside - "Fantastic Voyage"[3] George Clinton - "Loopzilla"[3] Dazz Band - "Let It Whip" Cameo - "Candy" MFSB - "Love Is The Message"[3] Ohio Players - "Funky Worm" Johnny Harris - "Odyssey"[3] Roy Ayers - "Running Away" The Gap Band - "You Dropped a Bomb on Me"

Summary: Bounce FM is a funk radio station hosted by The Funktipus (voiced by George Clinton[4]) Surprisingly, Marvin Trill of WCTR's Area 53 host, calls into Bounce FM foolishly thinking that 'The Party Ship' (Bounce's sub-heading/nickname) is a genuine space ship, asking how to get on it.