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Todo Tiene Su Final - Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe


Here is the album every fan of Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe is guaranteed to love... Lo Mato! An Outstanding album by far. Excellent sound quality and major various hits all throughout.Todo Tiene Su Final, is this salsa piece that speaks of everything having it's end. A true singing classic. Very harmonic, very powerful sounding...This video has the cover arts that came with the cd. I fully remastered the audio further for excellent sound quality. For more information visit Enjoy...!

Here are the band members:

Santi Gonzalez - Bass
Jose Mangual - Bongos
Louis Romero - Timbales
Joe Torres - Piano
Eric Matos - Trombone
Willie Colon - Trombone
Milton Cardona - Conga

Hector Lavoe - Lead Singer
Johnny Pacheco, Justo Bentancourt, and Willie Colon - Chorus

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