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Fine Dining vs Asian Restaurants


Hey guys! My movie Sucker is having it's world premiere at the Melbourne international film festival. Tickets available here:

So this video is based on my experiences with fine dining and Asian restaurants, Chinese, Korean and Japanese in particular :)
Can you relate to this video? hahaha


I filmed this video with a bunch of friends and fans in Melbourne
Big shout out to the following people:
Louna was the lovely white girl
Dan played the white guy
Rachel as the Asian girl
Coleen played the Japanese waitress
Andy came back as the Chinese waiter
Kevish also played the Chinese waiter
Min Lee played the Korean waiter
Jungyu played the second Korean waiter
Evonne helped out with make up and hair
Bri and Viv who played the kids (my cousins)
Joe played the fine dining waiter
Tom the pheg played himself
Massive shout out the collab studios: J Bling, J Nguyen and also Nick Raw (director and camera men)
Helen who came down to shoot behind the scenes
Daniel Sim as the Weeaboo
Takumi Kawakami as the Japanese waiter
Monica C for being second A.D
Jeremy and Patrick who was an extra on the day

Big shout out to 'The Booth' in Boxhill for letting us film the Asian restaurant scenes there
Also 'Ilona Staller Cafe' in Balaclava for the fine dining restaurant

There were hundreds of people who were interested in filming but I could only pick a handful. Sorry to all the guys who missed out
If you're interested in being in my next video, follow my Facebook page for more details:

You can also find me on
Instagram: Lechonny
Snapchat: snapchonny

Thanks so much for watching guys!
I will be posting more videos soon! Take care!!