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We no speak Americano Translated to English..(Renato Carosone-So you want to be American?)


I put the name "we no speak americano" because 99% of people know it as that. It would not have shown up in the search box otherwise. some spanish dance versions are called "papa americano" how the hell they came up with that i will never know. also on my videos i uploaded the actual original hit with full lyrics (not translated). most people think that Carosone and his band were always acting like clowns such as in this video--actually the original recordings were done under super-proffesional conditions. In the original for instance nobody played a ukele. at the end of this video i included the footage of them in a different movie because there are almost no videos of Carosone in his youngest prime. At the beginning of this video i said something about the movie "toto"--which is wrong but theres no fixing it now.